Other Types of Patios For Patriots' projects

Other Types of Patios For Patriots' projects

American Legion, Post 67

In the spring of 2017 we decided to undergo a project for a group of veterans that is extremely active in the community - the Shreve, Ohio based American Legion Post 67.  The Shreve Post is constantly assisting their fellow veterans by actively participating on trips to Washington, D.C. so that less-fortunate veterans can observe our nations various monuments and memorials, caring for military grave sites, providing color guard services, and many more.  We felt we could help them in their fundraising efforts by completing a project that would allow them to expand what their facility has to offer.  Patios For Patriots would like to thank the members of the American Legion Post 67 for their service to our country and their continued service to veterans and the community.

Hilltop Villa

Hilltop Villa is a local group home facility in Wooster, Ohio.  In our first year of operations, Patios For Patriots came in contact with the folks that operate the facility, and through various conversations we discovered that the home consistently takes in veterans of our country's military.  These veterans often times have no other place to go and, in many cases, have no family that actively engages with them in their lives.  In the summer of 2017, we decided that we wanted to complete a project for the home as a way of saying thank you to a group of veterans who we felt were in need of feeling appreciated.  In addition to completing an outdoor living area in two different locations on the property, a group of volunteers also conducted a work day to help with things like painting, staining, cleaning up the landscaping, roof repairs, drainage, and tree removal.  Patios For Patriots would like to thank the past, present, and future veterans that stay at Hilltop Villa for their service to our country.

Wayne County Fair Grounds

When the Wayne County Fair Board (Ohio) made the decision to construct a new building on the southeastern end of the fair grounds, they approached Patios For Patriots to see if there is something we would be willing to do to help with the area.  We jumped at the chance!  Being an organization from Wayne County, Ohio, we felt it was a great way to pay tribute to all of the veterans in our area and we began the project in the spring of 2020.  Thank you Matt Martin, Wayne County Fair Manager, for bringing this project to our attention.  Patios For Patriots would like to thank all of the great men and women from Wayne County, Ohio and the surrounding areas that have served this great country.

Freedom Farm at Whispering Grace Horses

At the end of 2019 we became aware of a great organization called Whispering Grace Horses.  This organization provides equine therapy to various individuals in the Stark County, Ohio and surrounding areas.  As part of their services, Whispering Grace Horses created a program called Freedom Farm, which is a certified Veteran Ready organization providing equine therapy specifically to veterans.  We visited the farm and instantly fell in love with what founders Bill & Marcia Shearer had created as a passionate and inspirational service to many local veterans in need of emotional, social, and mental support.  We knew we had do provide Freedom Farm something by way of an outside area so the veterans that utilize Freedom Farm's services could have a place to relax, socialize, and fellowship with one another.  So, in the summer of 2020, we began to make that desire a reality and completed a project for use at the farm.  Thank you to Bill, Marcia, and the gang that runs Freedom Farm at Whispering Grace Horses for all you do for veterans.  Patios For Patriots would like to thank all of the veterans that visit Freedom Farm for their incredible service to our country.