Who is Patios For Patriots?
Patios for Patriots, Inc. is a nonprofit company incorporated in the state of Ohio.  Our sole purpose is to serve the brave men and women veterans of our great country by doing what we do best – designing and constructing concrete patios for residential homes.

Why a concrete patio?
To that we say, “Why not?”  Our veterans selflessly give of themselves through serving our country and we think they deserve a special thank you for that service – this is our way of saying thanks.

What is our dream?
We enjoy the freedom of this country and the many opportunities afforded to us in our lives.  None of it would have ever been possible without the men and women who have served this country and we feel they deserve our very best.  Most of you reading this likely feel the same way.  The idea that is Patios For Patriots is bigger than our abilities and strengths and we need people like you to help.