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Are you a concrete contractor or business in the construction industry?  Are you a business looking for a way to give back to the communities you serve?  Then consider partnering with Patios For Patriots on one of our projects.  We need contractors and businesses for our projects, and, more importantly, our country's veterans need the best that their community has to offer.


"We make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give." - Winston S. Churchill

Patios For Patriots would love to talk with you about being a partner on one of our projects.  Your involvement can take on any number of forms depending on what best suits your company - leading an overall project, providing labor and materials, donating funds, or maybe something else entirely.  Our organization is flexible and is happy to discuss opportunities for you to get involved.  Whether you have a general inquiry, know for certain, or are somewhere in between, start by taking a minute to complete the form below so that we can start the discussion about what partnership will work best for you and Patios For Patriots.

(The decision to be involved on a project is based on available resources and nominations that have been received.  Please understand that a project may not be immediately available in your business' community.)


Still not sure if your business should be involved?  Check out a few of the items below for additional information.


Are you someone who wants to participate on a Patios For Patriots project in your area?  Then check out our Volunteer page to learn more.

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